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Voxson Mobile LED Sign

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Voxson Indoor / Outdoor /  Mobile LED Signs

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Rent, Buy or Lease any of the Voxson fixed pylon, mobile or indoor outdoor LED products.

Own your own Full Colour mobile Electronic LED Video display sign with trailer that comes complete with sophisticated internet access advertising software.

Voxson manufactures new mobile LED signs and from time to time can supply ex rental displays. Own your own unit from as little as $187 per week*or less.

You can also contact us for a cost to rent weekly, monthly or annually.

LED Billboard advertising is high impact, direct marketing to your customers.  It can significantly increase your sales and business exposure and is very cost effective advertising. Due to its mobility, Voxson’s Mobile LED Signs are ideally suited for transfer between multiple locations.

Promote your business or just create a tech atmosphere with
The Voxson high impact LED signs and LED panels.

Create your own advertising company by having several of these units at different locations and charge to advertise on these displays. Voxson offer very sophisticated internet accessible advertising software with daily, weekly or monthly scheduling.

The high resolution of Voxson’s full colour electronic LED signs give you the flexibility and impact of using images and graphics to promote your business or products rather than simple text and allows you to update and change your advertising as often as you like. The signs feature a user friendly web based content management interface allowing you to remotely access and manage your content and promotions.

Voxson electronic LED signs
Voxson electronic LED signs will attract passing Customers to your business that may not have otherwise considered purchasing from your business or indeed even known you were located there. You can advertise your Sale, store openings, and special events with specific prices to draw your Customers into the store or just let people know that you there.
V3 Upright displays

The V3 stands upright and is made for Indoor / outdoor and window advertising. The V3 is the ideal retail solution that can be rolled in and moved around with ease. Ideal for store fronts, shopping centers and show rooms. The V3 stands tall at 2.4mtrs high x 2mtrs wide on wheels and includes internet and 3G that will allow content management over the internet.

The V3 day and night advertising with 5000nits brightness and P4.8mm SMD technology it makes the perfect advertising medium for your store.

Cost Effective Advertising

Do you want to increase sales but are lacking a massive marketing budget?
Do you want to take advantage of the drive-by and after hours traffic that keeps on growing with our ever increasing population?

Quality messages on a Voxson Mobile LED Sign is the answer!

Voxson offers Mobile LED rentals at great prices with flexible terms!

Fixed LED digital signage

For more permanent solutions Voxson can also supply your business with a full range of custom indoor or outdoor fixed LED digital signage displays custom built and made to order.

Voxson Indoor LED P4.8 Window Mounted

The benefits of digital signage advertising are clear; you can save thousands of dollars and time not having to spend on print media that will need replacing the following month. Digital is easy and more affordable than ever before. Contact Voxson today to discuss how you can start improving your business’s exposure and increase your sales.