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Voxson LED Rental

Voxson provides Mobile LED Sign Trailers and modular LED screens with flexible rental or leasing options. We understand that renting LED signs can be a complicated process, and one that is often confusing for first-time renters. Here at Voxson, we do our absolute best to make renting as simple and easy as we possibly can.

Digital video advertising is becoming the preferred choice for cost-effective, high-impact advertising. Advertisers using the mobile LED signs will enjoy many great benefits such as:

Maximum impact – up to 6 times more effective than traditional billboards!
High resolution full color LED video capability with a wide range of viewing angles!
Quick and easy programming of LED signs for high impact ads!
And many more…

The Voxson 5 colour Mobile LED Signs are one of the most cost effective forms of high impact, high visibility advertising available. Voxson can provide you with a complete mobile electronic LED sign solution that will work for your business in terms of value and visibility.

Easy to operate, our mobile LED solutions can display messages that have so many uses, you will constantly find new ways to utilize it.

A Voxson Full Colour Mobile LED Sign will attract passing customers to your business that may not have otherwise considered purchasing from your business or indeed even known you were located there. You can advertise your sale, store opening, or a special event with specific prices to draw your customers into the store.

Voxson’s indoor LED signage and advertising displays are a low cost and high impact way to market your product and your business. Voxson’s indoor LED displays are ideally suited to events such as store openings, celebrations, seminars, corporate events and any other event requiring high impact visual advertising.

Our modular LED Signs can be found in shopping centers and nightclubs around Australia. They have been used for everything from automobile showroom openings, product launches through to outdoor festivals and seminars.

Make a huge impact for your next event with a Voxson full colour LED sign!

Our Rental Options

We offer rental options from short term through to long term as well as leasing arrangements. Please fill out our rental enquiry form and one of our staff will get back to you shortly. If you have any additional questions be sure to ask them in the text field provided in the form.

You can also call us on (07) 3268 0700 or send an email to sales@voxson.com

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